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中国政府奖学金申请常见问题Q&A Chinese Government Scholarship Application Q&A

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Chinese Government Scholarship Application Q&A

(Student Version)


包含国别双边项目(Type A)和自主招生“高水平研究生”项目(Type B)。

国别双边项目(Type A):申请人应在规定时间内向本国留学派遣部门(一般是中国驻境外使领馆教育文化处)提出申请。可招收本科、硕士、博士及进修生。

“高水平研究生”项目(Type B):仅招收硕士和博士研究生,申请人可直接向吉林大学国际教育学院申请

Q1: What programs, according to the channels of application, are included in the Chinese Government Scholarship?

Bilateral Program (Type A) and "High-level Graduate" Program (Type B) under independent recruitment.

Bilateral Program (Type A): Applicants should submit an application to the international student dispatching department of their home country (usually the office of educational and cultural affairs of Chinese diplomatic missions) within the specified period. The program recruits undergraduate, master, doctoral and advanced students.

"High-level Graduate" Program (Type B): Only master's and doctoral students are accepted, and applicants can apply directly to the College of International Education, Jilin University.


国别双边项目(Type A)申请截止时间及具体要求应向本国留学派遣部门了解。招生审核时间以国家留学基金委通过系统推荐学生时间为准,一般为每年3-4月截止。

自主招生“高水平研究生”项目(Type B)招生启动时间一般为每年11月至次年1月,具体以国家留学基金委和学校发布通知时间为准。

Q2: When will the application for the Chinese Government Scholarship begin?

For the application deadline and specific requirements of the Bilateral Program (Type A), the applicants can consult the international student dispatching department of their home country. A student's admission review time is based on when the China Scholarship Council recommends students through the system, which generally ends in March to April of each year.

The "High-level Graduate" Program (Type B) under independent recruitment generally starts enrollment from November to January of the following year, and the specific time is subject to the announcement by the China Scholarship Council and universities.



Q3: What does the Chinese Government Scholarship cover?

Students who get the scholarship are exempted from paying tuition fees and provided with on-campus apartment accommodation. The scholarship also covers their living expenses (paid monthly) and comprehensive medical insurance during the applicants study in China.



Q4: Where can I find the Chinese Government Scholarship Application Information of Jilin University?

You can visit the website of the College of International Education of Jilin University http://cie.jlu.edu.cn/ or the WeChat public account of 吉林大学国际教育学院.





Q5: What majors does Jilin University accept?

Please refer to the "Application Information on Chinese Government Scholarship High-level Graduate Program of Jilin University" for master's and doctoral admission majors.

For undergraduate admission majors, please visit the website of the College of International Education, Jilin University: http://cie.jlu.edu.cn

If your target majors cannot be found, it means that those majors at Jilin University are not open to international students this year.




Q6: What is the age requirement for scholarship applicants?

Applicants should be under 25 years old for undergraduate studies, under 35 for masters, and under 40 for doctoral studies.

Applicants who are over 16 years old but under 18 years old should provide a "Guardian's Guarantee in China".



Q7: What are the language requirements for applying for Chines-taught program?

Applicants should submit a report of HSK level 4 (HSK level 4180 points) within the 2-year period of validity. Applicants who obtain the degree from a Chinese university by attending lectures taught in Chinese can apply without an HSK certificate, but they must provide their degree certificate.



Q8: What is the period of validity of the HSK score report?

The report is valid for 2 years. Applications cannot apply if their HSK reports are overdue.




Q9: What are the language requirements for applying for English-taught majors?

English level certificate (internationally accepted), including IELTS or TOEFL, must be provided.

The official certificate indicating that English was the language of instruction during the previous study stage may also serve as a language proficiency certificate. The training unit will organize an online written test or an interview on English proficiency.



Q10: What are the requirements for the applicant's academic performance in the previous academic stage?

The Chinese Government Scholarship Program aims to select students with excellent academic performance, outstanding educational background, professional ability and future development potential. The applicant's academic performance, learning and scientific research abilities at the previous stage are significant, and will be the focus of the examination by the training unit. Students who have poor academic performance and failing subjects on their transcripts are not qualified for applying.



Q11: Is inter-professional application possible? For instance, if at the previous stage, the applicants studied arts, could they apply to study science, engineering, or medicine?

Applicants are advised to apply for the same or similar majors as their previous academic background. If the applicant is applying for a major greatly different from the previous one, the application will generally not be successful; experts in relevant disciplines will not give priority to such applicants when they review the materials. Even if the application is successful, it may affect the graduation and academic achievement in the future.



Q12: Is a passport necessary to apply for the scholarship?

Yes, the passport is an essential document when you are submitting information online and should be valid at the time of application later than September of the year of enrollment. The passport can be submitted online along with other application materials.





Q13: What are the requirements for academic certificates for scholarship applications?

A notarized Highest Degree Certificate should be provided. If fresh graduates cannot provide the Highest Degree Certificate when applying, they must present the Pre-graduation Certificate issued by the current university, which should clearly indicating the proposed graduation date. Scholarship recipients should present the graduation certificate or degree certificate prior to enrollment to confirm their acceptance.

Transcripts should contain grades up to the most recent semester. Transcripts should be issued and sealed by the Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School or the relevant student management department of the university/school you are attending.

If the graduation certificate, degree certificate and transcript are in languages other than Chinese or English, an English translation must be provided and notarized.



Q14: When applicants fill out their educational and work backgrounds, what are the requirements?

Applicants should fill in the experience from high school. The study experience should cover high school, undergraduate (if any), master (if any), and doctorate (if any). The work experience should be filled in according to the actual situation, and it should consecutive and uninterrupted up to the date of application.




Q15: What should be included in the study plan in China?

A Chinese or English study plan (more than 1000 words) should be submitted. This plan should focus on the following aspects: applicant's major, academic ability, advantages, future research directions, and learning plans, etc. It can only be written in Chinese or English. The study plan in China will serve as a reference for the assessment examined by experts.

When submitting an application online, doctoral applicants should fill in the "Study Plan" (template) in the Jilin Universitys International Student Service System and then upload it. If no tutor has been decided yet, the information of the tutor may not be filled in.



Q16: What are the requirements for recommendation letters?

The reference must be a professor or an associate professor. The content of two recommendation letters cannot be identical and can only be written in Chinese or English. The reference should indicate his or her title, contact information and sign his or her name in English or Chinese. And electronic signatures can also be used.



Q17: What are the requirements for the medical examination report?

Inspections should be carried out item by item in strict accordance with the requirements in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form uniformly printed by the Chinese health and quarantine department. The Foreigner Physical Examination Form with missing items, without a photo of the person or without the seal on the photo, without the signature of the doctor and the seal of the hospital is invalid, and the test result is valid for 6 months.

Q18: 无犯罪记录证明有什么要求?


Q18: What are the requirements for the Certification of Non-Criminal Record?

It should be a Certification of Non-Criminal Record within the past 6 months issued by the public security department where the applicant is located. A Certification of Non-Criminal Record issued by the school/university does not meet the application requirements.



Q19: Are research achievements necessary for scholarship application?

No. But when a graduate student applies for a scholarship, the publication of a high-level paper or a research project will contribute to the success of the application to a certain extent.

Q20:国别双边项目(Type A)的申请人如何获得预录取通知书?



Q20: How do applicants for the Bilateral Program (Type A) get a pre-admission notice?

The pre-admission notice is not the necessary material for our university's scholarship review. If the international student dispatching department of the applicants home country require it, the applicant can visit the official website of Jilin University (https://www.jlu.edu.cn/) for the information of each training unit, and contact the training unit to see if it is willing to accept the applicant.

If the training unit agrees to accept the applicant, the applicant shall send the acceptance letter provided by the training unit to the mailbox of the College of International Education: admissions@jlu.edu.cn, and the College of International Education will issue a pre-admission notice after the verification.



Q21: Do applicants for the "High-level Graduate" Program need to contact their tutor to issue the letter of acceptance?

The acceptance letter by the tutor is not necessary for application to this scholarship program. Applicants can contact the tutor on their own; they can also apply without contacting the tutor. For applicants who are finally admitted, the training unit will assign tutors to them.



Q22: If the application materials are not fully prepared, can the applicant apply first?

No. Please prepare all the materials and submit them all at once. Only when the application materials are complete can the applicants enter the review session.



Q23: What is the deadline for resubmitting supplementary materials for the returned application materials?

The application deadline is the date by which all materials must be submitted. Applicants are advised to read the List of Application Documents for Chinese Government Scholarship carefully, and submit the application as soon as possible after preparing all the required materials. After the deadline no application will be processed.




Q24: Does the applicant need to mail paper materials to apply for the scholarship?

This year's admissions are conducted online, and there is no need to mail paper materials. The applicant can submit the application on the Jilin Universitys International Student Service System http://apply.jlu.edu.cn.

When students report to the university, they need to bring the original application documents, and the university will verify their eligibility for admission. For this reason, please keep the original relevant documents.



Q25: Do applicants who have previously applied to other universities in the management information system of the Chinese Government Scholarship for studying in China can still apply to Jilin University?

If applicants have applied to other universities in the system, they are not allowed to apply to Jilin University. It is because Jilin University will not be able to check the applicants information in the system during the review process, so it can't recommend them for admission.



Q26: What is the scholarship review process? Is there a written test or interview?

In the first step, the applicant submits the application in the Jilin Universitys International Student Service System; in the second step, the College of International Education conducts a preliminary examination; in the third step, the teaching and training unit conducts a review(remote interview or written test for the most qualified); in the fourth step, candidates are recommended to the China Scholarship Council; in the fifth step, the China Scholarship Council organizes expert review; in the sixth step, the applicants are notified of their acceptance.




Q27: After submitting the application online, how can applicants check the review progress and the final result?

It is important for applicants to follow the dynamic changes of the review progress of the application system in a timely manner, and to keep checking the email used for the application in order to stay up-to-date on relevant progress information, so as to avoid missing important information such as supplementary documents and interviews or missing the deadline for applying in the management information system of the Chinese Government Scholarship for studying in China. The consequences of failing to review notification and information will be borne by the students themselves.

Our university will notify students of the final admission results according to the review results issued by the China Scholarship Council in a timely manner.




Q28: How likely it is that the application will be successful?

For the Chinese Government Scholarship independent recruitment Program, only a limited number of candidates can be recommended, so the competition is fierce. Therefore, Jilin University will recommend the most qualified candidates.

Applicants who pass the university's review but fail to pass the review of China Scholarship Council will be given priority for admission if they are willing to apply for self-funded study at our university.



Q29: Is it possible to still apply after the deadline listed in the admissions brochure?

After the application is due, our university will conduct eligibility assessment and academic review of applicants. We will then finish the relevant recommendation process and submit the result to the China Scholarship Council. The deadline for each session is strictly enforced, so if applicants miss it, they can't apply. Applicants can follow the application information for the next year and prepare for the relevant materials in advance.



Q30: How to fill in the required fields with an asterisk (*) in the application system?

It should be filled in as required. If the case does not apply to the applicant, the applicant should fill in "none" in the blank.



Q31: When will Jilin University start school if the scholarship is granted?

Normally, school starts in September for degree students and in March or September for non-degree students. The exact time for registration and commencement of courses will be included in the admission notice.

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