Libraries of Jilin University, which occupy 97629 kilometer squares, are part of UNESCO Retrieval Unit. Libraries of Jilin University are distributed in different campuses: Central Library in Central Campus, Engineering Library in Nanling Campus, Medical Library in Xinmin Campus, Geological Library in Chaoyang Campus, Information Library in Nanhu Campus, and Agricultural Library in Heping Campus. Integrated system of documents and resources based on Humanities, Social Science, Science, Engineering Technology Science, Medical Science, Geological Science and Informatics is also established, covering almost 12 main disciplines. The Library stores various kinds of paper publications totaling over 5 million, which covers 6000 rare books in 40000 ancient books. The collections of Local Chronicles, Genealogy, Stone and Bronze Rubbings, Ancient Documents is outstanding among Chinese University Libraries. Those valuable materials become special treasures of Jilin University. There are also 1268 kinds of Foreign Periodicals and 4914 sorts of Chinese Published Journals.

1. How to borrow books from the library?

Select the book you need and use your student card to register. The book can be kept for 31 days. You can renew it before it expires.

2. How to borrow periodicals?

We can only read periodical in the library. We do not provide lend out services. As for the periodical reading place, it is located in the periodical reading room on the fourth floor of the Central Library

3. How to fine if expires?

The fine will be 0.1 RMB per book per day.

4. How to extend? What are the rules?

You can only extend the book before it expires. Each book is only allowed to be extended once. You can extend for another 31 days, starting from the extend date. The book that has expired or subscribed by others cannot be extended.


    School library focuses on the construction of digital information resources recent years. We have already bought 48 kinds of western language databases, including Web of Science and EI, 14 kinds of Chinese document databases, including China National Knowledge Infrastructure, 1. 2 million electronic books, including Chao Xing and Shu Sheng. We also built 12 databases such as Northeast Asia research materials, geoscience materials, automobile materials etc.

    Each library has a front desk, a Chinese book lending section, a foreign book lending section,an electronic reading room, an ancient book reading room and rooms for individual study. The library has such a rich collection so that it will meet the students’ demand for daily reading. You can borrow books from all libraries’ front desk using your student card. The book can be kept for 1 month.

 If there is no peculiar circumstance, the library will open from 8:00 to 16:00 every day. Each library may adjust the opening time according to the actual situation. Hope every student could know about the specific information of each library in order to make the process easier.

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