Residence Permit


 Exit and Entry Administration Bureau of Changchun PSB

 1. Address and Office Hour

 Address: No. 688 Guangming Road

 Office Hour: Monday– Friday 9:00-11:30, 13:00-17:00

 2. Documents Needed:


The first time

 Prepared by yourself:

 A. Copy of your passport and visa;

 B. Physical Exam Report get from Changchun Travel Healthcare Center;

 C. Photo (white background);

 D. Money (400RMB/Year);

 E. Accurate address on Accommodation Registration Form (from dorm or police station).

 Prepared by College of International Education:

 A. Copy of Admission Notice with stamp;

 B. Copy of JW 201/JW 202 Form with stamp;

 C. Recommendation letter;

 D. Visa Application Form;


The second time or after

 All the documents needed for the first time, PLUS Attendance Paper (get from your college office) EXCEPT for Physical Exam Report.


*Notes: If your residence permit is expired, you will be regarded illegal stay in China. In addition, you will get punished for 500 RMB per expiry day.


 Pay attention to the expiry date of your visa!


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