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Staff and Office

Name:Li Meihua                             
Duty:comprehensive management

Name:Xue Lei                             
Position:Vice Dean                            
Duty:International students management; Entrepreneurship; Career path guiding


Name:Sui Yining                            
Position:Vice Dean                             
Duty:Enrolment; Official website construction


  Name:Li Dan                      
Position:Vice Dean                      
Phone: +86-431-85167071                                   
Duty:curriculum arrangement; alumni management


Admissions Department for International Students

This department is in charge of advocating and promoting degree studies, Chinese language and culture courses, formulating and carrying out the publicity plan for international students. It develops and manages cooperation project of international education; develops, recruits and manages international student recruitment agents. Its also in charge of the making of publicity materials and the update and maintenance work of official recruitment website.

Name: Xinlu Wang

Position: Secretary (Section Chief Rank)

Tel:  +86-431-85166885



Duty:Enrollment, financial, and information


 Address: Room 216

Name: Qingyan Sun      

Position: Section Member

Tel: +86-431-85166885



Duty: International student admissions

Address: Room 216

Management Department for International Students

This department is responsible for daily management of international students. Its tasks mainly include: enrollment and registration, graduation review, management for student status change and student archive, religious affairs management for international students, emergency handling, international student association, student activities, visa, psychological counseling, dormitory management and scholarship management.

Name: Xuwei Bao

Position: Secretary (Vice Section Chief)

Tel: +86-431-89228964



                                                   Duty: International student management                                                                                 Address: Room 109

Name: Yue Li

                          Position: International student instructor

Tel: +86-431-89228964



                                    Duty: Undergraduates and non-diploma student                                                       management  

                                     Address: Room 109

Name: Jiayi Dai

                                 Position: International Student Instructor

 Tel:  +86-431-85166519



                                     Duty:  Chinese governme

                                      scholarship students, master and doctoral                                                             students management

                                                           Address: Room 109

Teaching Affairs Department for International Students

This department mainly manages teaching affairs of international students. Its tasks mainly includes: coordination of teaching and teaching affairs, curriculum setting and teaching arrangement of selective courses, current political affaires courses, preparatory class, and short-term program.

General Department (College office)

It is responsible for daily administrative work, assets and equipment, library, update and maintenance of college website, medical insurance of international students. It is also in charge of innovation and entrepreneurship of international students in Changchun, internship, career guidance, alumina of international students, managing system and collecting data of international students, department coordination in the university and environment layout of the college.  

Name: Keshan Bi

Position: Section Chief

Tel: +86-431-85167072  

                                                E- mail:  
                                                       Duty: Compr ehensive management of College of                                                          International Education and international                                                                      students medical insurance    

                                                       Address: Room 214

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