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Responsibilities of College of International Education

College of International Education manages the education of international students and is directly affiliated to Jilin University. It makes efforts to improve the quality of education for international students, diversify campus culture and internationalize the university to achieve the goal of building a world-class university. Its responsibilities include:  

1. Formulating relevant policies and development plans for international students. Under the management regulations of national administrations and the university, it uses and manages funds for international students;

2. Coordinating functional departments, colleges and research institutions to deal with international students affairs, such as school roll, religion, visa and daily management

3. Overseas enrollment advertisement and admissions;

4. Cooperating with colleges to scale up degree education for international students and organize non-degree project, including summer session, international class and preparatory project;
5. Setting and arranging selective and current political affairs courses;

6. Managing scholarships and grants for international students;

7. Organizing recreational and sports activities, social practice and cultural studies for international students in the university;

8. Providing guidance for international students on innovation and entrepreneurship, internship, and career development in Changchun new district;

9.Handling the alumna work of international students in the university;

10.Dealing with other work assigned by the university.

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