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“Encounter: Our Story”Notice on Photography Exhibition of International Students for the 70th Anniversary of Jilin University
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To all the International Students and Alumni:

    On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of our school, we are willing to hold a Photography Exhibition named “Encounter: Our Story” for International Students to show the beauty of our campus and various cultures around the world. It is also a gift for the 70th anniversary.

    Content of the Photos

    The photos need to show your learning and living circumstances, world cultures, landscapes, figures and stories in Jilin University. The photos are the gifts to the 70th anniversary of Jilin University.

    When to Submit

    From August 1 to August 15, 2016

    How to Submit

    Please read the following parts carefully, and submit your photos according to the requirements. Send all your materials in a RAR file to

    Submission Requirements

    1. Subject of Photo

      A. Jilin University/Changchun/China in my opinion

      B. Figures and stories

      C. Customs and scenery in your own country

    2. Submission Rules

    The photos must be original with all rights reserved. Please offer us no less than 1 photo, and no more than 5 photos. Please send a WORD file which includes names (subjects) of the photos and your personal information (including your country, college, grade, name, telephone number and weChat).

    Submission Guidelines

    1. About the Photos

     (a) Both color and monochrome photos are OK. But photos get from photographic film are not accepted. There is no limit in photography styles and techniques. Only real images are acceptable. And the post production of the photos must follow objectivity and authenticity.

     (b) The size of a file is no less than 7M.

     (c) The file format is JEPG.

     (d) The resolution of a photo is no less than 12 mega pixels.

    2. About the Text (WORD format)

     (a) Please indicate your personal information (including your college, grade, name, telephone number and weChat) in the text, otherwise the submission will be considered invalid.

     (b) The names and the subjects of photos need to be contained in the text too. Furthermore, the intention and the background of the photos are very welcome to be included.


    1. The photos will not be given back.

    2. The host and organizer assume no responsibility if your email cannot be received or downloaded with format errors.


     First, second, third, excellent and memorial prizes are set up with certifications for this photography exhibition. And the final prizes will be determined according to the quantity and quality of all the works.

    The ownership, access, modification rights and other related intellectual properties are all reserved for the host and organizer.


Contact: Ms. Li Yue             85166877  /  89228964

               Mr. Wang Xinlu      85166885


College of International Education

July 12, 2016

Changchun City, Jilin Province, China, Xiuzheng's Road No. 1505 friendship Hall of Jilin University



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