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International Students Notice
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General Provision

All international students enrolled in Jilin University should obey Chinese law, regulations and comply with school rules. Students are also expected to respect the customs of both Chinese and other countries, maintain and boost the friendship between schoolmates. Students should respect teachers, schoolmates and others, be friendly and polite, work together to help each other, pay attention to public health and morality. As a student, don’t forget to follow the study rules and regulations, study hard and finish the learning objection.

 Legal Issues

1. No fighting, brawling, and disturbing public order.

2. No intentionally taking, sucking or injecting drugs.

3. No providing others with places to engage in illegal activities.

4. No engaging in religious propaganda.

5. Must drive with a legal driving licenseissued by public security organs. No drunk driving. No driving without valid legal procedures. (Including vehicle without a license, stolen vehicles and non-annual inspection.)

6. Students are responsible for the legal responsibility and economic consequences causing by illegal residence and illegal-working. (Legal responsibility: public security organs will impose economic penalty for 5,000-20,000RMB or administrative penalty for detention and expulsion. The economic consequences depend on actual situation.)

7. Jilin University has the right to expel international students if they violate Chinese law.

Management Information for Visa and Residence Certificate

1. According to the provisions of the “Regulation of the People’s Republic of China on Exit and Entry of Foreigners”, international students should apply for extension of visa and residence permit from the Visa Office 7 days beforecurrent visa expires and 30 days before the currentresidence permit expires. International students should check the expiry time of the visa and Residence Permit in time. All the legal responsibility and economic consequences due to exceeding the time limit should be taken by individual. (The public security organs will imposethe punishment of 500RMB for each per person every day for those who disobey the time regulations.)

2. For the International students who live in the dormitory provided by university, the Visa officer will selectively inspect whethertheirpresent dormitoryhouses accord with the record of their residence permit application form. When international students renting a house outside the campus, they should go to the local police station to finish registration procedures for accommodationwithin 24 hours after checking in.

3. In case of changes of the information specified in the alien’s residence permit, such as name, purpose of residence, passport number, accompanying personand other international travel documents, students should submit a modificatoryapplication for the Changchun Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit and Entry Administration Department to renew the Residence Permit within 10 days. The document included personal information and the changing reason is necessary.

4. Visa Officewill be closed when it is Chinese statutory holidays, so students should pay attention to the expiry time and avoid exceeding byfinishing everything ahead of time.


School Regulations

1. If you can’t attend your class, you should ask for leave by filling out the Leave Notification form (Search the website of College of International Education ( to download the form, fill out and send it to international student office 109) in advance. You should also report it to the office 109 after going back. All those who cut school without the official approval will be dealt with. Cases of gross violation shall lead to disqualification from Jilin University.

2. Self-support students should pay the tuition fee on time. If not, Jilin University has the right to terminate the student’s study.

3. Students should go back to school on time when new semester begins. Please let the office know, if you can’t make it.

4. International students should obey the rules and regulations of the apartment management. Please inform the relevant teacherin case of the accommodation and contact information alteration. Do not affect others’ physical and mental health when dwelling.

Warm Adivice

1. International students should search the website of College of International Education regularly (, avoiding missing the information from school.

2. International students should take good care of personal belongings and related documents. Please contact the teachers at International Student Office 109 if there is an accident (TEL: 0431-85166877).

3. International students should take the copies of first page of passport, the copies of the valid visa pageand student ID card. Please remember to take the original ones when leaving Changchun.

4. The final interpretation of the above terms is reserved by the College of International Students in Jilin University.

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