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One of a Series of Foreign Language Salons Held by the College of International Education
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In the afternoon of May 14, 2015, the College of International Education held the first foreign language salon. International students from the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Hungary, Yemen, and Vietnam as well as Chinese students from the International Student Association of Jilin University participated in this activity and spent a very enjoyable afternoon together.

Students showed great enthusiasm to this salon, and they actively participated in each part. In the part of “Brain Storming”, the international students led the Chinese students to set their wits to work. They put heads together, and used creativity and imagination to simulate the scene of survival on an island, which sharpened students’ logical thinking. Then, the international students demonstrated the tongue twisters accurately and fluently, and helped Chinese students read them and understand the different meanings of the same word. Besides, a profound video in standard English was shown to the students, which helped them think and discuss in English. Finally, Saif, an international student, introduced the use of some English prepositions and helped students to distinguish those confusable ones, which benefited the students a lot.

The foreign language salon provides not only knowledge but entertainment, which is an effective platform for the friendly communication between Chinese and international students. Chinese and international students come together here, play some enjoyable games and learn some useful knowledge. In this way, Chinese students can improve their listening and speaking ability, in the meanwhile, the international students can integrate into campus life in a relaxing atmosphere.

Besides English Salon, the College of International Education will organize some salons in other foreign languages to promote the communication between Chinese and international students through various activities.


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