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Notice of Resident Permit Issued by Public Security Bureau
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Notice of Resident Permit Issued by Public Security Bureau

To International Students,

Foreigner Service Station at Jilin University which is located at Friendship Guest House opposite side of 109 room. Preliminary Acception Time: Wednesday 9:00-11:00 13:00-15:00. Students who in need of extending the visa can come to the Office of International Students with your passport to make an appointment on Monday or Tuesday. After that you will get the Resident Permit at the service station on Wednesday. If the station can’t accept the application, then go to the Public Security Bureau(长春市锦水路1号,人民广场附近,电话:88908471, 8:30-11:30  13:00-17:00).

Please take your student ID and prepare all the documents below:

    1. Sealed copies of JW202 Form from the Office of International Students.

    2. ‘Reference Letter’ from the Office of International Students.

    3. Filled in ‘Application Form of Visa and Residence Permit’

    4. Copies of your passport, including copies of your visa. These copies must be in size A4.

    5. Filled in‘Accommodation Registration Form’. If you live in the Friendship Guest House, please get this form from the reception, fill it in, and make sure they stamp it. If you stay in Nanhu Guest House, you should get a seal from the receptionist and then get the other seal from local area police station. If you live outside of the campus, you will have to register in local police station with your owner of the rental apartment within 24 hours when you move in. You need to bring copies of your passport, leasing agreement, and ect. About the details, please let the owner contact local area police station.

    6. One photo with white background in size of 33mmX45mm.

    7. Application fee: RMB 400yuan for 6 months to 11 months.

Pay attention: All forms are filled in black ink pen.


                           Office of International Students

Changchun City, Jilin Province, China, Xiuzheng's Road No. 1505 friendship Hall of Jilin University



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