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Living in Jilin University
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    There are many canteens and restaurants available for students to choose inside or outside the campus.

   (1) Canteens of campus
       There are inexpensive canteens with variety of food in every campus of JLU. There is plenty of choices to eat and drink.

Price: a dish costs RMB 5~10 yuan

        an half-portioned dish costs RMB 2.5~5 yuan

Rice: RMB 1yuan/100g

PS: There are Muslim canteens in the campus to accommodate Muslim students' religious needs.

 (2) Restaurants nearby the campus
   Nearby the campus there are many kinds of restaurants with a wide variety of food in different prices. Usually, each meal will cost within RMB: 8~30 yuan/person.

   PS: The Muslim restaurants are also available outside the campus.


Jilin University is located in Changchun, and the transport fees are relatively cheap.

    Bus: RMB:1yuan/person

Taxi: flag-down fare is RMB: 5 yuan/2.5 km, and fuel surcharge is 1.9 yuan/ km


    You can go shopping in Eurasia Shopping Mall, Guilin Road, Hongqi Street, Chongqing Road and etc.

Eurasia Shopping Mall:

    It will take only 10 minutes by car to Eurasia Shopping Mall from the Central campus of JLU. It is a large department store with skating rink, cinema, foodie town inside. Eurasia Shopping Mall is a comprehensive centre with shopping, entertainment and delicacy.

Guilin Road:

     Yilin Shopping town and Guilin Road Market are both in Guilin Road. From here, you can buy clothes, accessories of all kinds. Meanwhile, there are several bookstores, such as Tongren Bookstore, Foreign Language Bookstore and Xueren Bookstore. It is good place for you to buy books.   

Hongqi Street:

    Here, you can find basement store, Wanda Plaza, Ouya Commercial Capital and Paris Spring Shopping Mall and etc. By the way, there are cinema and foodie town in Wanda Plaza.

 Chongqing Road:

    Renfang Basement store, Yatai Shopping Mall, Wanda Plaza, Zhuozhan Shopping Mall are all located in Chongqing Road. Meanwhile, those students who want to buy books can go to the Xinhua Bookstore.

Changchun Attractions

The Jingyue (Clear Moon) Pool Park:

    Ticket costs RMB: 30 yuan/person, National 5 a-class tourist attractions

Puppet Regime Imperial Palace:

    Ticket costs RMB: 80 yuan/person; Student tickets 30 yuan/person

Nanhu Park (South Lake Park):

    Ticket is free. People can go boating on the lake in the summer and go skiing in the winter.

Changchun Botanical and Zoological Garden:

    Ticket cost RMB: 30 yuan/person; with more than 200 kinds of animals and 81 kinds of plants, is home to forest and lawn, a small artificial lake, large lion and tiger mountain, monkey mountain.

The Siberian Tiger Zoo:

    Ticket cost RMB: 60 yuan/person, and Changchun Film City separated from the across street.

Changchun Film City, Sculpture Park and etc. are waiting for you to visit.

Changchun City, Jilin Province, China, Xiuzheng's Road No. 1505 friendship Hall of Jilin University



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