Statement on False International Student Enrollment Promotion Information of Jilin University Found in Nepal Network Media
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Recently, our college received a report from an international student, claiming that someone published false information on enrolling MBBS students in Jilin University with full scholarship and no tuition fee and  accommodation fee(certain words are mentioned in the advertisement: CHINA full scholarship; Tuition Free; Hostel free).Our college now wants to clarify that we have never entrusted the person (telephone number mentioned in the advertisement: 15612352593) to carry out any enrollment promotion on behalf of Jilin University. After having conversation with the person, the telephone number is located at Zhangjiakou, Hebei province of China, and the person who posted the advertisement has been required to remove all the false information relevant to admissions promotion of Jilin University from the Nepal network media immediately.

    Attachment: Screenshot of false enrollment promotion in Nepal online media

College of International Education

Jilin University

August 10, 2018


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