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    The First Hospital of Jilin University was established in 1949 and is located in Changchun City, Jilin Province. It was previously known as the First Military Medical University of the PLA. Afterward, it was successively renamed as the College of Internal Medicine of Changchun Medical University, the First Clinical College of Jilin Medical University, and the First Clinical College of Norman Bethune College of Medicine. After the merger with Jilin University in the year of 2000, the name “the First Hospital of Jilin University” was adopted.

    During its 60 years of development, the Hospital became the first classified AAA-class comprehensive hospital (the highest rating for hospitals in China) in Jilin Province. It integrates medical treatment, teaching, research, disease prevention, health care, and rehabilitation.

    The Hospital is composed of two areas which cover a total of 549,00 m2and owns 5,939 in-patient beds. In 2015, its annual clinical visits numbered over 3,800,000. Nearly 228,000 patients were discharged and more than 91,000 operations were performed during the period. The hospital group, founded in 2009, now has 65 member units covering 45 cities and counties in Jilin Province. It has successfully built a medical collaborative network throughout the whole province.

    Currently, 343 of our faculty members possess senior professional titles, 409 have associate senior professional titles, 111 are Ph.D. supervisors, and 420 are master’s degree candidate supervisors. The Hospital also has two national “ Program” scientists selected by the Organization Department of CCCPC, eight ‘Tang Aoqing Distinguished Professor’ award recipients, three Changbai Mountain Scholar award recipients, 20 provincial and ministerial ‘Outstanding Young Expert’ award recipients, and five professors who are awarded special government allowances issued by the State Council.

Departments and Specializations

1. Andrology

2. Anesthesiology

3. Bone and Joint Surgery

4. Breast Surgery

5.  Burn Surgery

5. Blood Transfusion

6. Cadre Ward

7. Clinical Laboratory

8. Colorectal & Anal Surgery

9. Center for Cardiovascular Medicine

10. Cardiac Surgery

10. Clinical Nutrition

11.  Phased Clinical Drug Trials

12.  Dermatology

13. Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics

14. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy

15.  Endocrinology and Metabolism

16.  Endoscopy Center  

17. Emergency Medicine

17. Emergency Surgery

19.  General Gynecology I

20. General Gynecology II

21. Gastrointestinal and Anal Surgery

22. Geriatrics

23. Gastroenterology

24.  Gynecological Oncology

25. Hand and Foot Surgery

26.   Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Medicine

27.  Hematology

28. Hyperbaric Oxygen

29. Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgery I

30. Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgery II

31.  Management Center

32. Interventional Therapy

33. Infectious Diseases

34. Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

35. Nephrology

36. Neonatology

37. Neurology

38. Neurological Ultrasound Room

39. Neuro-Oncology Surgery

40. Neurovascular Surgery

41. Neuro-trauma Surgery

42. Nuclear Medicine

43. Obstetrics

44. Oncology Department

45. E.N.T

46. Ophthalmology I

47. Ophthalmology II

48. Ophthalmology Clinic

49. Physical Examination Center

50. Prenatal Diagnosis Center

51. Pain Management

52. Plastic Surgery& Facial Reconstruction

53. Pediatric Respiratory I

54. Pediatric Respiratory II

55. Pediatric Nephrology

56. Pediatric Hematology

57. Pediatric Cardiovascular Medicine

58. Pediatric Endocrine Genetics

59. Pediatric Clinic

60. Pediatric Surgery

61. Pediatric Rheumatism and Immunology

62. Pediatric Neurology

63.   Pediatric GI

64. Pediatric Ultrasound Room

65. Pediatric Oncology

66. PICU  

67. Pathology Department

68. Psychological Health

69. Pharmacy

70. Reproductive Center

71. Rehabilitation

72. Respiration

73.   Radiology

74. Radiotherapy

75. Rheumatology and Immunology

76. Sports Medicine

77. VIP Clinic

78. Spine Surgery I

79. Spine Surgery II

80. Stomatology

81. Sterilization and Supply Center

82. Thyroid Surgery

83. Traumatic Orthopedics

84. Traditional Chinese Medicine

85. Thoracic Surgery

86. Urology Surgery I

87. Urology Surgery II

88. Ultrasound Room

89. Vascular Surgery

90. Bethune Institute of Epigenetic Medicine

91.  Translational Medicine Institute

92.  Genetic Diagnosis Center

93. Institute of Virology and AIDS Research

94. Transplantation Immunity Laboratory

95. Immuno-oncology Laboratory


    In the past five years, the Hospital has received second prize of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award one time, received the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars award one time, has been chosen for a key research project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, and has won 48 provincial and ministerial-level research awards. It has also undertaken 778 projects including201 national projects and 577 provincial and ministerial-level projects. The Hospital has published 9,165 academic papers including the publication of over 1,486 SCI-indexed articles. The Hosptial has undertaken 7 key projects, which include 3 major infectious disease projects from the ‘12thFive-Year Plan’ and 4 projects from Program 973. All these marvelous achievements are attributed to the hardworking talented individuals at the hospital. For years, the hospital has been actively building a research platform. Some of our past and present achievements include approval for the International Joint Research Center Program under the ‘Twelfth Five-year Plan,’ and approval for building the State and Local Joint Laboratory of Animal Model of Human Disease and the International Joint Center for Epigenetic Medicine and Animal Model of Human Diseases. Besides those programs, the Hospital has also established the Bethune Institute of Epigenetic Medicine of the First Hospital of Jilin University.

International Collaboration Programs

I. International Academic Conferences

In collaboration with Yang-Ming University of Taiwan:

-The 12th International Association of Endocrine Surgeons Postgraduate Course

-The Cross-Strait Conference on Academic Research of General Surgery

-Cross-Strait Conference on Neuroscience

-The Cross-Strait Conference on Geriatric Medicine

-The 2015 Cross-Strait Conference on Reproductive Medicine

-The 2015 Cross-Strait Conference on Cooperation of Geriatric Medicine

-The 2015 Cross-Strait Conference on Interventional Radiology.

-The 2015 Cross-Strait Medical and Clinical Research Information Integration Design Forum

-The 2015 Cross-Strait Conference on Hepatology

-The 2015 Cross-Strait Conference on Surgical Oncology (I)

-The 2015 Cross-Strait Conference on Surgical Oncology (II)

II. International Research Partner Institutes:

1. Supreme Beauty Korea-China Plastic Surgery Center, St. Mary’s Hospital Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, South Korea.

III. International Clinical Research Programs:

1.  Clinical Research program with the University of Oklahoma, USA

2. Clinical Research Program with Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA

3. Clinical Research Program, with Catholic University of Korea)

4. Clinical Research Program with the University of Louisville, USA)

5.Clinical Research Program with Kitasato University, Japan

6. Research Program with the University of California at Los Angeles, USA

7. Research Program withJohns Hopkins University, USA

8. Research Program with Yang Ming National University, Taiwan

9. Nurse Training Program with Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan

10. Clinical Trainee Program General with the Surgery Department at Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan

11. ClinicalTrainee Program with the Plastic Surgery and Facial Reconstruction Department at Chang Gung Hospital, Taiwan

12. Cross-Strait Series of Medical Academic Conferences

IV. International Medical Students Clinical Exchange Program

1. We offer a medical students clinical exchange program in cooperation with LavalUniversity, Canada

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