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  The School of Mechanical Science and Engineering (SoMSE) of Jilin University was formerly the Mechanical Department of Changchun Automobile and Tractor Institute founded in 1955. SoMSE is comprised of five departments and three teaching centers for studying the basics of mechanical science and engineering. Our departments include the Department of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, the Department of Mechanical Design and Automation, the Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, the Department of Engineering Mechanics, and the Department of Industrial Engineering. For the teaching centers of the basics of mechanical science and engineering, we are home to the Teaching and Research Division of Engineering and Computer Graphics, Teaching and Research Division of Mechanical Principle and Design, and the Experimental Teaching Center of Fundamental Mechanical Science and Engineering.There are three undergraduate programs at SMSE: Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, and Industrial Engineering. SMSE has doctoral programs in the fields of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Mechanical Design and Theory, Mechatronic Engineering, and Solid Mechanics and Industrial Engineering. SMSE was among the first batch of universities approved to have a doctoral degree program for advanced manufacturing in China. In addition, we also have two postdoctoral programs in the fields of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics.

  The Mechanical Engineering Program at SMSE is a first-level accredited National Key Discipline receiving strong support from Project 211 and Project 985.The school boasts advantages and outstanding characteristics in fields such as CNC Reliability, Intelligent Precision Manufacturing, Engineering Equipment of Modern Design Theories and Methods, Microstructure Performance Testing Technology and Instruments, Construction Robotics, Fluid Power Transmission and Electro-Hydraulic Control, Structural Vibration Analysis and Control, and Manufacturing System Integration. The School is home to four technological innovation platforms, engineering equipment experiment centers, and national accredited laboratories: the CNC Equipment Reliability Technology Key Laboratory of Mechanical Industry, the Jilin Province Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Systems for Vehicle Components, the Jilin Province Advanced Automotive Components Manufacturing Technology Engineering Research Center, and the Engineering Equipment Design and Advanced Manufacturing Key Laboratory.

  After 60 years of development, the School has reached annual enrollment levels of more than 1,600 undergraduate students and 900 graduate students. It is home to 230 faculty and staff members and more than 20,000 graduate students. Our faculty members include Professor Wang Li-Ding and Yan Chu-Liang, both members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who obtained their master’s or Ph.D. degrees at our school and have made important contributions to the development of Chinese mechanical industries.

Majors and Specializations

1Postdoctoral  Programs

-Mechanical Engineering


2Graduate Degree Programs (Masters of Science and Doctor of  Philosophy)

-Mechanical Manufacturing and its Automation

-Mechanical Design and Theory

-Mechatronic Engineering

-Solid Mechanics

-Industrial Engineering

(3) Master’s of Science Programs

-Engineering Mechanics

-Biomedical Engineering

(4) Bachelor of Science Programs

-Mechanical Engineering

-Engineering Mechanics

-Industrial Engineering


  For several years, the SMSE has been responsible for numerous nationally funded high-level scientific research projects, including National Major Science and Technology program projects, the NationalKey Scientific Instruments program projects, Program 963 Projects, the National Natural Science Foundation of China projects, National 863 Program projects, and more. The total funding for scientific research at SMSE is more than 137.3 million Yuan in the past three years SMSE has published a number of high-level academic research. Teachers in our school have published more than 150 SCI papers in recently three years.

Major Research Projects

(1) Research on reliability assessment and experimentation methods of heavy duty machine tools (National Science and Technology Major Project). Project Leader: Yang Zhaojun. Project funds: 15 million CNY.

(2)Research and development of in-situ material mechanical performance testing instrument and software systems (National key scientific instrument and equipment development projects). Project Leader: Zhao Hongwei. Project funds: 20.296 million CNY.

Courses Taught in English

1Foundations of Numerical Control Machines

2Micro-Machine Manufacturing

3The Development and Direction of Numerical Control Technology

4Fundamentals of Control in Mechanical Engineering

5Vehicle Driveline Dynamics Simulation

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