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     The School of Economics of Jilin University traces its history back to the economics department established by the School of Social Science of Harbin University, which was the predecessor of Jilin University, in 1946 (October, 1946), the department of economics at the Northeastern School of Administration (August, 1949) and the department of economics at Northeastern People's University (March, 1951). In November of 1985, the School of Economics and Management of Jilin University was established with the approval of the former Education Committee of the PRC. In May of 2001, the new Jilin University went through an adjustment of schools and departments, in which the School of Economics was established by integrating the economics departments of other universities on the basis of the School of Economics and Management of the former Jilin University. After a long period of construction and development, the Jilin University School of Economics has achieved striking successes in areas such as discipline and subject construction, faculty development, talents cultivation, and scientific research.

     The School of Economics now offers four undergraduate programs in economics, international economy and trade, public finance (including taxation) and finance (including insurance); we offer 14 academic master’s degree programs in political economy, world economy, western economics, economic history, history of economic thought, national economics, industrial economics, finance, international trade, public finance, accounting, management, institutional economics and law and economics; we offer five professional master’s degree programs in: taxation, finance, international business, project management, and industrial engineering; we offer eight doctoral degree programs in political economy, world economy, western economics, institutional economics, law and economics, history of economic thought, finance, and industrial economics. We have also established a center for postdoctoral studies of theoretical economics. In 1994 and 2002, the political economy program and the world economy program were both rated as Key Programs of Regular Higher Education of Jilin Province. In 1998, the Economics School set up a “National Cultivation Base of Economics Talents” with the approval of the Ministry of Education. In 2000, the theoretical economics program was authorized to confer doctoral degrees as a first-level discipline with the approval of the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council. In the same year, the “China Center for Public Sector Economy Research” became a national key research base for humanities and social sciences approved by the Ministry of Education.

Majors and Specializations

- Economics

- International Economics

- Finance

- Public Finance


1Equipment and Facilities

We have various multi-media teaching facilities, including an advanced computer room which can accommodate over 130 students at the same time.

2Research Hubs

China Center for Public Sector Economy Research

3Research projects and Lead Researchers

  The School of Economics has produced high-level research achievements in the areas of economics and undertaken many major research projects sponsored by National Social Science Fund and Ministry of Education.

Major Research Projects

1. The Marxism Research Project of the CPC Central Committee and the Ministry of Education

1Introduction to World EconomyLead Researcher: Prof. Chi Yuanji

2. Key Projects of the NSSFC

1Research on China’s Participation in the Reform of the International Monetary SystemLead Researcher: Li Xiao

2Research on the Realization of Green Economy-The-Trading Mechanism of Chinas Carbon FinanceLead Researcher: Du Li

3Research on the Structural Adjustment of China’s EconomyLead Researcher: Tang Jijun

3. National Social Sciences Key Projects

1 Research on the Intertemporal Optimization of Non-Renewable ResourcesChief ExpertJi Yushan

2Research on the Governmental Regulation System of China’s Municipal UtilityLead Researcher: Xie Di

4. Human and Social Sciences Research Project of Ministry of Education (Key Projects)

1Research on the Growth of China’s SOEs entrepreneur and the Mechanism of Inspiration and Constraint,Lead Researcher: Li Zheng

2Structural Adjustment, Path Dependence, and Institutional Innovation of Chinas SOEsLead Researcher: TangJijun

3Research on the Deep Reform of Enterprises Owned by CPC Central CommitteeLead Researcher: PanShi

4Research on the Institutional Innovation of Chinas State-owned AssetsLead Researcher: NianZhiyuan

5Research on the Function, Structure, and Performance of Foreign SOEsLead Researcher: Ding Yibing

6Reconstruction of CPC Central Committee owned Enterprises and the Increasing of International Competition Ability, Lead Researcher: Qi Ping

7Strategic Adjustment of State-owned Economy and Socialist Road with Chinese FeatureLead Researcher: Xu Chuanchen

8Role of the State-owned Economy in the Transformation of Chinas Economic Development, Lead Researcher: Li Shimei

International Collaboration and Exchange

1 International Forums and Conferences

1. Jilin University-Hitotsubashi University Joint Forum

2. Sino-Japanese Forum on Economic and Social Development

3. East Asian Economic Forum

4. Jilin University Social Science Research Group of “Innovation on International Finance Theories and Reform of the International Monetary System"

2 International Partner Institution Agreements



Agreement   Title

Signing   Date

Effective   Period


South   Korea

College   of Business, Chosun University, Gwangju, Republic of Korea

Agreement   on Collaboration and Academic Exchange between School of Economy, Jilin   University, Changchun, China and College of Business, Chosun University,   Gwangju, Republic of Korea


5   Years

Li   Junjiang

South   Korea

College   of Business Administration, Chonnam National University

Memorandum   of Understanding Between School of Economics, Jilin University And College of   Business Administration, Chonnam National University


5   Years

Li   Junjiang





5   Years

Li   Junjiang

English-Language Programs and Courses:

-Frontiers of Economics in Foreign Countries

-Frontiers of Socialist Market Economic System

-International Business Negotiation

-International Market Analysis

-The European Economy

-International Trade

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