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"내 마음속의 중국, 그리고 길림대에서의 공부" 국제 학생 공모전에 관한 통지
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To all the international students:

College of International Education is holding a composition contest on the topic of “Culturally Immersed in China, Academically Enlightened in JLU” to all the international students in order to deepen your perception ofChina and JLU, further enrich your campus life. Excellent works will be awarded. The relevant issues are as follows:

   I. Topic of Essay

“Culturally Immersed in China, Academically Enlightened in JLU”

   II. Participants

All the international students in Jilin University

 III. Content Requirements

   1. Focusing on the topic closely, the participants should write an essay about your abroad study in JLU and express your life experiences in China. Contents of Chinese culture and your perception of Chinese society will also be acceptable.

   2. The language should be fluent, while the content should be full. Choose the title on your own. Thegenre is unlimited. The total number of words should be over 600 (within 1000).

   3. Language of the composition: Chinese or English.

 IV. Submission Way

Please send your works to the e-mail: before 16:00 on June 15th by the form of Word-document attachment.

At the end of your essay, you should provide such information as name (passport), nationality, college, phone number and other relevant personal information.

 V. Awards Plan

First Prize; Second Prize; Third Prize; Excellence Award

The review committee will be set up for the competition. The winning students will be awarded.

  Contacts: Ms. Li Dan  

     Tel: 85167071

                                                                    College of International Education

                                                                                                                                    May 28th, 2018


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