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Exotic cultures add festive mood at Jilin University
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The Jilin University International Cultural Festival kicked off with a host of activities and a festive mood to celebrate the school's 70th anniversary on Sept 17.


More than 1,000 international students from 51 countries and over 5,000 Chinese students of the school attended the event, in addition to a number of distinguished guests from China and abroad.

The festival consisted of cultural exhibitions, performances, games and international food tasting. Foreign students dressed in their native costumes to show their own identities and cultures.

Chinese students applauded vigorously while watching exotic dances and other performances, and took advantage of the chance to try a variety of cuisines from various countries.


Yang Zhenbin, Party secretary of the school, said the festival was an exceptional success in providing a variety of performances and cultural exhibitions to help promote understanding between Chinese and international students.

Many Chinese students were kept busy trying to have their mini-passports stamped by all the countries involved in the festival.

"Experiencing cultural differences and customs, if only on campus, is such an unforgettable opportunity for me," said Li Yixiao, a Chinese student from Jilin University as she was getting a notebook stamped at different booths. She had to use a notebook as the prepared 2,000 mini-passports had all been quickly given out.

"I hope to make more Chinese friends through events like the International Cultural Festival in the future," said Neve from India, adding that "It would be better to make it happen annually."

Jilin University has paid close attention to international cooperation. It has 2,000 international students from 102 countries, and receives more than 1,000 visiting overseas scholars each year.

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